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Instead of the usual “where did you hear about us” on your customer survey, ask a better question. Most people will have seen your brand quite a few times before they have decided to do business with you. They may have seen your road sign, your Facebook posts, heard your radio campaign, and heard about you from a friend. But what they will often tick is the one that they think of first, which is usually – “Referred By A Friend”. Which then makes you wonder why you do all that marketing if you just need referrals. Even if they have only heard about you from a friend, it doesn’t delve in to how that friend heard of your business either. So instead we suggest you try the following.

“What media do you engage with and enjoy” and list the top ten medias of your choice and their actual name, instead of TV, put Channel 7 for instance.


“Have you seen our advertising on” and list all the media you have and see which boxes they tick.

This will help you understand what media your customers are engaging with. Thus, it will show whether your clients engage with the media that you invest in.

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