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Standing tall and promoting yourself is a hard thing to do.


I, for one, am still getting used to using this powerful tool to its full advantage in my business. And I know that I am not alone. Many of us haven’t done it, as most of us are too scared to “put ourselves out there”. We would prefer to work hard, and hope that the business we build has a strong enough brand people will support, and that will be enough.

Consumers not only want to know what your brand stands for; they want to know what the leader of that brand stands for too.

Think of some of the world’s best business brands: Facebook, Apple, Virgin. They are all massive brands with incredible leaders at the forefront.

Whether you have a global vision, national vision, state vision, or local vision, you need to build your personal brand. Do it right and it shows your expertise, your authority, and it gains you respect.

Here are five simple things that I suggest implementing in your business:


1. Produce a video telling your story, and share why you are in business. Load it to YouTube, put it on the homepage of your website, add it to the link of your email address and share your vision with the world.

2. Start a newsletter that gives helpful advice. Add it to your website, send it to your database, and share it through social media channels like LinkedIN and Facebook.

3. Speak at events on a topic that you are passionate about, or write a story for a publication or blog and get it published.

4. Fill in the “About Me” sections on all your social media channels, invest in a great photo, and ensure that you are consistent with your wording.

5. Have an opinion on things. Comment on people’s posts, give advice, showcase your authority.

I understand your trepidation. I have it too. I don’t want to be seen as having a huge ego, that my business is all about me, and that I am someone who thinks I have all the answers.

Like you, I see some people who are constantly promoting themselves. It can be a turn-off, but then I stop and think – why are they doing it? If they are doing it to be famous, and for self-serving reasons, then sure, this is off-putting.

BUT, If they are doing it to grow their business and make a difference, then I applaud them. It is a brave step to be an ambassador for your own brand, and we as business owners are all looking for ways to market our business better. Within you is knowledge, experience and passion that no one else has.

So be brave, be bold, and stand up for your brand by building your brand too. If your efforts come from the heart, it can only improve your business. And who doesn’t want that?

Author Bree James

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