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Email marketing as well as direct mail marketing have both evolved in many different ways over the years. In today’s digital age, there is a stigma associated with direct mail marketing because ‘it’s not digital, it must be dead’. But is that belief correct?


Definitely not! Some could even argue that direct mail marketing is more effective than ever with people eager for something tangible that they can touch and keep, instead of something they can only look at behind a screen.

With emails playing such a large role in the digital marketing mix today, around 50% of people feel that they receive too many marketing emails*. A piece of mail requires your potential customer to engage with it, open it, and its tangibility gives it a sense of value and trustworthiness. Not to mention, there is significantly less direct mail going out than emails, so you generally won’t have to fight as hard for attention or notice.

Whilst an average open rate for an email could be between 15-25% depending on your industry*, research from Australia Post states that over 90% of Australians read mail, with over 50% of them keeping the mail so they can refer to it at a later date*.

As stated above – direct mail marketing is not what it used to be. You can personalise it, and track it through various ways such as coupon codes, direct phone numbers and or websites.

There are plenty of really cool campaigns you can do with direct mail – it doesn’t always have to be a slip of paper. And whilst we pointed out all the benefits of direct mail, there’s absolutely no denying that email marketing is an essential part of diversified direct marketing strategy for most businesses.

It’s important to keep in mind that a prospective client or buyer’s journey to you, requires 6-8 touch points. Touch points are ways they hear, read or see your business and its message. Ensuring you are using multiple platforms and marketing tactics will help you reach a wider audience and meet the touch point needs to stay front of mind with the discerning modern consumer.

If you’d like help executing a direct mail or email marketing campaign, we’d be happy to help.
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