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There is no denying that video marketing has blown up in recent years. It’s engaging, shareable, entertaining and most of all – consumers love it. This is on top of 83% of businesses stating that their video marketing gives them a great return on investment (ref 1).
If video isn’t a part of your marketing strategy already, here are 5 compelling reasons why it should be. 


  1. Videos built trust

    Video marketing can take many forms – tutorials, ads, testimonials, live streams, vlogs and more. Video can help build trust through multiple ways – share some helpful insights that will make your customers’ lives better. Show the face and personality behind your brand so your customer can get to know you better. Use testimonials – because they play a huge role in the decision-making process. Once you build trust, a customer or potential customer becomes one step closer to buying from you.  
  2. You’re talking to the majority – mobile users

    Did you know 90% of people watching videos are on their mobiles? (ref 1). TikToks, YouTube, Facebook videos and everything in between – video content is massively popular on mobile phones. Plus, it’s content that can be consumed on other mediums too.  
  3. Help your readers understand

    You can explain almost anything on video and you can make it engaging. Homepage of your website? Explainer video telling consumers a bit about your business to help build trust. Selling a product? Explainer video helping your customer understand exactly what it is and how it’s going to make their lives better. Think about how much easier it is to explain something with a picture or talking instead of having to type it out. Our consumers have a short attention span and videos can help capture their attention.  
  4. People like to ‘watch’ instead of ‘read’

    Ok this isn’t always the case, but in an increasingly digital word more and more people want to get their information from an easy source like video instead of having to read text. Video has become one of the top ways to speak to your audience and 39% of people are more likely to share your content if it’s delivered in watchable form (ref 2).
    A great way to build brand awareness – two birds, one stone! 
  5. They boost conversions

    Did you know your video marketing can lead to more sales? As we mentioned above, video creates that all-important factor of trust. Research shows that 74% of people who watched a video explaining the product they were looking at, influenced their decision to purchase it (ref 1). 

Video marketing isn’t just for big brands – almost anyone can do it! And you should be too.
As humans, we receive information better when it’s presented visually, so this should help you understand the power of video marketing. Show authority, build trust, help your customers – the opportunities with video marketing are endless.

If you’d like help creating engaging video content for your business, we’d be happy to help.

Contact us on sales@m2f.com.au 

Ref 1 – https://www.dreamgrow.com/8-reasons-why-your-business-should-use-video-marketing/ 

Ref 2 – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245003

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