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A digital presence is becoming increasingly more important for businesses, with 81% of consumers researching products and services online before buying. Along with sales, an online presence can also assist with building brand awareness, creating and maintaining customer relationships, building trust and increasing credibility and reaching a wider audience than what was ever possible before.

However, many businesses don’t utilise digital resources to the best of their abilities. It may be lack of resources, lack of knowledge or fear – but there is no denying that a digital presence, if executed correctly, can provide great return on investment.

Here are 3 ways which every business can benefit from digital learning. 


  1. Drive revenue and cut costs

    A survey conducted by Gartner revealed that over 40% of organisations noticed great cost savings from their digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing can help in the financial department through;
    – Faster results than some traditional marketing mediums
    – More specific targeting is available which can lead to lower cost-per-lead
    In-depth data which can provide insights to help cut back on unnecessary spending

  2. Motivate employees

    Professional development is highly regarded by many employees. Some employees are more motivated than ever to up-skill and evolve with the ever-changing digital world to help current and future job prospects. Plus, training can also produce results such as being happier at work, more successful in their role and thus developing a higher self-worth. This comes through the improvement of processes and productivity at work which helps everyone and the business achieve its potential. Plus, can also increase efficiency in the workplace when employees understand how to use the digital tools given to them.  

  3. Competitive edge

    Without digital training, your business could quickly fall behind. To be able to connect with your consumers at all times and reach wider audiences, digital is a must. Plus, With research showing that 90% of companies stating their employees lacked necessary digital skills, there is great potential for your business to power ahead with the correct training. By continuous digital training and keeping up with the latest trends, you are able to compete with many other businesses both big and small. 

Investing time into digital training as well as time to help your employees grasp the importance of digital skills can provide great benefits to your business. By adopting new digital skills, you will be able to drive revenue, cut costs, create a better work culture and stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Author Bree James

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