We help your team up-skill so they can achieve success for your business.

Do you have a skills gap in your team?

“The key to success is life-long learning.”

How much is an under-skilled team costing your business in lost opportunities and revenue? 

What growth is your business missing out on because your team doesn’t have the expertise or skills you need them to?

Does your team have a marketing skills gap? Do they know how to create content and digital marketing, or build customer relationships and generate sales? How much time are you investing into social media and content creation but not seeing a return on investment?

How many potential customers could you be missing? 

Does your team have a sales skills gap? Do they need to get better at their sales process and customer relationship skills?

Does your team have a performance problem? Do they need to get better with organisation so they are performing at their peak?

At M2F, we will support your business like it’s our own



Educates and inspires your team with tried and tested comprehensive strategies.


Equips your team with skills and knowledge to grow personally and professionally.


More revenue for your business.

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Team Training is an investment that pays for itself again and again. Under-skilled team members can cost you double in time, money and energy. Training your team will grow your business.


Team Training needs skilled execution. Instead of trying to have your finger in every pie, M2F’s skilled team can professionally train your employees and equip them with the skills needed to achieve maximum potential within the business whether it’s sales, marketing, customer service or organisation.


Team Training takes time. How much business growth are you missing because your team are under-skilled, time poor and aren’t doing what you need them to. We can help you reach your goals faster, giving your more time to focus on other areas of the business.


Team Training needs strategy. Bringing in an outsider to help you identify skill gaps and training your team is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your business.


Team training alleviates frustration. Knowing where you want to go in business is one thing, having a professionally skilled team to achieve it is another. Let us help.

'An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’

- Benjamin Franklin

We aren’t like most training organisations. We dive into your business to see how it ticks. We look at your customers to see why they want to do business with you. We educate your team with a comprehensive skill set so they can take action. 

We build your team to grow your business. 

We don’t just do as you ask – we work with you to take it to the next level.


What they’re saying

As an accomplished business woman, mother and wife Bree is an engaging, entertaining speaker who is able to inspire and educate her audiences. She is able to share her insights and experience often using personal stories that the people can relate to. Her presentations include relevant and practical advice which inspire people to take action. She is fun, energetic and absolutely 100% authentic. I can highly recommend Bree as a professional speaker.

Sam HarropBusiness Coach

I respect and admire her enormously for her forward thinking, her sharp insights and her intuitive approach to doing business. Bree also has an overwhelming desire to help others in all that she does, putting to greater good of her community first. Bree represents the most desirable and appealing attributes of the modern entrepreneur, whilst retaining the qualities of the most trusted and respected of human beings.

Andrew GriffithsInternational Bestselling Author, Entrepreneurial Commentator and Global Speaker

Bree is a serial entrepreneur with killer creativity and innate business nous. Her passion and dedication are second to none and she continues to go from stride to stride. She is a real asset to Tropical North Queensland.

Bronwyn VoyceIpswich Council

Bree is real, she is entertaining, and most importantly, she wanted the audience to leave with some inspiration and lessons on how to drive their business to the next level. She had the audience laughing, as well as shuddering and a few of us had tears in our eyes when she shared her private struggles. Excellent presentation style and wonderfully creative slides. Bree is an absolute delight!

Sally MilkotaDirector at CBC Staff Selection

You've got nothing to lose.

Whether you’re a start-up or well-established business, intermediate or advanced digital marketer, we have a package to suit your needs.

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