Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.

Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

How much is not having data (or worse, inaccurate data) costing your business in lost opportunities and revenue? 

How many potential customers are you missing because you’re targeting the wrong audience in the wrong way?

What growth is your business missing out on because you don’t have the time or expertise to execute market research so your marketing works and generates sales?

There is no doubt that research and data helps inform leaders to make decisions. 

We specialise in finding out if specific audiences are going to buy what you are selling. One of the biggest issues with marketing products and services is the lack of relevant research to determine that what is being offered is actually what consumers want.

At M2F, we will support your business like it’s our own.




Gains certainty about your product and consumers perceptions of it.


It identifies who your customers are, their behaviour and pinpoints why they want to do business with you (or why they don’t).


Helps you make decisions based on data, not assumptions.

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We perform:


Curated groups of people to gain amazing insights.


Face to face or online surveys to gather data.


Stakeholder interviews to deep dive on important topics.


Visit your business or your competitors to give feedback.


Research on your competitors online and instore.


“20% of your customers represent 80% of your revenue” – The Pareto Principle.

Put the data into action. It’s great to have data, but what do you do with it once you have it? At M2F this is our favourite part! We will analyse the data and help you make the right decisions to move your business forward.


Marketing research is an investment that pays for itself again and again. Continuing on the same path may cost you double in time, money and energy creating products and services your customers don’t want.


Marketing research takes time – we take care of it so you don’t have to. How many sales are you missing because you’re too time poor to execute market research? We can help you reach your goals faster, giving you more time to focus on other areas of the business.


Marketing research strategy is our speciality. It’s one thing to know your Facebook and website statistics, but sourcing data on your customers feedback and behaviour requires skill and strategy.


Marketing needs to sing a song that your audience wants to hear. Data is powerful, and should be the first element to your marketing. When every element of your marketing sings the same song, your story will be successfully narrated to your customers across every touchpoint.

Are you tired of paying money for marketing that doesn’t get results?

We start by working with you to get crystal clear insights on the information that you need to make certain that your products and services (or any other important aspect of your business) can be determined. From here we develop questions and determine the best way to ask them.

  • Get feedback on a business name change or branding. 
  • Judge the appeal of a new advertising campaign (especially if you have several options to choose from).
  • Identify what products or services your target market actually want from your business.
  • Determine what price to charge for a product or service.
  • Review a specific product or service before launching it. 
  • Identify what are the important buying triggers for a particular product or service.
  • Measure changes in perception and customer service.
  • Competitor analysis to determine what your competitors are doing and how you can improve and sell better. 

See What They're Saying

What they’re saying

Marketing to Families brings to the table an incredible depth and range of marketing knowledge, expertise, strategic planning capability, and professionalism. The M2F team makes it their business to understand your business and truly partner with you to achieve your organisation’s objectives. I highly recommend them.

Andrea GregoryCommunications Officer, Cairns Catholic Education

M2F has helped us to communicate our message, culture and branding in a clearer and contemporary manner to the community. M2F has been a perfect match for our business.

Mario CalannaCalanna Pharmacy

MacKillop Catholic College has worked with M2F and we have been very pleased to have achieved many of our marketing goals as a result of their input and expertise. The Marketing to Families staff are consummate professionals and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to helping us with our digital and print advertising.

Annmarie ArnoldCommunity and Staff Engagement officer at MacKillop Catholic College

The M2F Team have been wonderful to deal with. The professionalism with the writing and taking ownership of the advertising has been great! I would certainly recommend them.

Adam PatuwairuaHarvey Norman

We are very happy with the services M2F supplied the College. We found the process straight forward, the team professional and the results were great.

Alana OkumuMarketing Communications Officer at Freshwater Christian College

Working with M2F has been amazing, they really understand my business. They have helped me to create marketing materials that I could never do for myself.

Nardine CollierFounder of Collier Family Law

You've got nothing to lose.

Lack of certainty around your target market can result in poor results and wasted money. Make absolutely certain that what you’re selling is what the market wants or needs. From surveys, focus groups and interviews, we can help you get really clear about what you are selling, and who you are selling it to.

If you’d like to know more about M2F market research, fill in the form below and we will be in touch.